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The flavours of Asian cuisine have seduced more than one!


Usually a few hours away from home, rediscover Europe in a different way.


Although Canada and the United States are worth the detour, it is Peru that offers the best cuisine.


Taste extraordinary culinary specialities in the mmighty Africa

Gastronomic tours

With our gastronomic tour ideas, we help you build your itinerary and thus appreciate the culinary wonders of the country you are passing through. Dive even deeper into the heart of local customs by discovering traditional flavours and spices as described on the Eat Magazine Website. Between tastings, cooking classes or traditional harvesting, taste the different flavours of the world and discover new colourful aromas.

A gastronomic trip to Peru

Discover Peruvian cuisine! This gastronomic trip to Peru will allow you to discover the country of the Incas in a different way. Peru is a country with many faces, very diverse both by its population and its geography.

Japan, obviously!

Japan is a unique country that deserves a visit at least once in your lifetime. It’s known not only for its temples, sushi, beaches but also for its refined cuisine. Indeed, Japanese cuisine is one of the best in the world.

Mexican cuisine

Mexico is without a doubt one of the destinations of choice for a culinary journey like no other. Mexican cuisine has a lot to offer. If you want to enjoy making Mexican dishes, visit HOMECOOKING MAGAZINE for more recipes.

Thailand is worth your taste buds

Leave the beaches behind and discover the land of authentic smiles, in the hustle and bustle of the markets, on small street stalls or during a cooking class. Thaipland is unique when it comes to gastronomic diversity.

Asia, Europe, Africa, America...

There's no shortage of destinations, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Culinary discoveries

Uncovering the secrets of any country would not be complete without tasting its unique and succulent gastronomy, often quite varied from the north to the south of the same territory. This has often been an integral part of a trip, whether it’s about sitting in the street with the locals and eating a good pho soup in Vietnam or treating yourself to a five-course meal concocted by a renowned chef in the Spanish Basque Country!

A motivation to travel

In recent years, gastronomy, in all its forms, seems to be becoming more and more the primary reason and motivation to travel and take an interest in a country! Esprit d’Aventure offers you, accompanied by one of our collaborators: culinary chef, gourmet journalist, gourmet blogger, nutritionist, sommelier, and much more,… to live a unique experience, while bringing back with you some learning.

Knowledge is important!

Strolling through typical markets; sharing a meal that you have concocted yourself with your family; visiting famous vineyards, tea, coffee, sugar cane and olive plantations while talking with producers…Besides coming back with a certain amount of knowledge, and a few more books…culinary adventures are definitely one of the best ways to interact with locals and learn about their past and present influences. Enjoy your meal!