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Find the best restaurants online

By travelling to new locations, you get to meet people and try new things. The challenge, however, is being able to find a restaurant that serves your best meal. Suppose you have never used the internet to find the shops…

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Gastronomic tour around the world

In December 2019, Peru was named “Best Culinary Destination in the World” at the World Travel Awards for the 8th time! As lovers of good food, the French often like to combine the pleasures of tourism with those of the…

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A brief culinary world tour

From the Italian grandmothers, who reign supreme over their cooking, to the incredible and fabulous mix of influences from Vietnam, the wonderful world of gastronomy is as varied as the people who make it up. Embark with me on a…

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Everything you need to know about gastronomic trips

Lovers of fine food and wine or oenologist apprentices, discover our tastiest culinary journeys. An experience for all travellers whose taste is the most developed sense… What is a culinary journey? Gastronomy is an integral part of a country’s culture…

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Taking a culinary journey

Cooking is the totality of all the techniques used to prepare food for human consumption. This means that these techniques can differentiate the way of cooking. Therefore, cooking is diverse around the world depending on local natural resources and local…

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