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What is the lees when tasting wine?

Lees are natural by-products of autolysis, the self-destruction of yeast cells by enzymes formed from fermentation. They are sediments from a liquor during aging. These sediments are found in all wine brands, including B&G wine, the oldest and most common…

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french wine

What can be mixed with french wine?

French wines dates back to the 6th century BC. The wine is produced in large quantities with over 7-8 billion bottles sold annually. The winemakers are throughout France. The regions they are date back to the winemaking time of the…

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Bars, restaurants and brasseries in Paris: online guide

Since it is the holiday season, most families are coming together and spending time reminiscing about the whole year. To ensure that the time is memorable, people seek places that will double, or even triple the fun and what greater…

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The best gastronomic destinations in the world

Travelling is also (and perhaps even more importantly) about discovering traditions and opening up to new cultures. Tasting the local cuisine is therefore an integral part of the trip! If you look back in your memories, we bet you’ll find…

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Culinary trip to Thailand

Those who know us personally, they also know our love for food and desire to always try everything. So that’s what we did, once again, in Thailand. Here are more details about our culinary trip to Thailand. Several people have…

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Culinary trip to Vietnam

During my travels I love to taste new flavours and discover new cuisine. I’m not the type to eat pizzas or other hamburgers when I’m travelling, I must also say that I’m not picky and I’m greedy. During my trip…

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The most beautiful destinations in the world for a gastronomic journey

Are you passionate about cooking and travelling? This year, why not opt for a gastronomic trip for the next holidays? Asia, Africa, America… there’s no shortage of destinations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are a few ideas of culinary…

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