Bars, restaurants and brasseries in Paris: online guide


Since it is the holiday season, most families are coming together and spending time reminiscing about the whole year. To ensure that the time is memorable, people seek places that will double, or even triple the fun and what greater way is there than good and amazing drinks in and around Paris? Read on to learn some cool places to visit in and around Paris.

The 6 Paul Bert

Where else to be than the best Paris bar restaurant? It is among the most famous addresses in Paris. Furthermore, this place has the best stainless steel kitchen and top-of-the-line chefs. Besides, they offer different types of cuisines for anyone with a keen eye on style and glamour. On the other hand, why waste a good meal without any form of wine present? Get natural wines at the fairest prices ever.

Bedford Bar

Thinking of relaxing at your place and letting the drinks come to you? Then a Bedford bar takes care of it all. It allows you to enjoy parties, family gatherings and even weddings. All these happen in the open with all the amenities available. A Bedford is a walking bar that adds some glamour in events. The simplicity makes it possible to enjoy your time with a minimum fee. They get their famous name as they use ford tracks to ensure good service delivery. For more information, click here.

Strada Cafe

While taking a walk along the streets of Paris, you can feel hungry and need to take a morning meal. Be sure that at Strada Cafe you will find a good Paris club sandwich experience. This Paris bar also enjoys many positive online reviews. Making it worth taking a visit and have a taste of their best foods. Besides, many people like to take a cup of cappuccino and some eggs. To maintain your tradition in the morning, then just by a stroll away, it waits for you.

Brasserie Lipp

What will it mean to you to visit Paris with no interest with the cuisines they offer. Brasserie in Paris is delicious. Be rest assured that the dream is to get fantastic meals within a perfect price range. You can sort all your lunches and dinner at this place and be sure to get no disappointments and regrets.


Paris is a city that attracts most tourists from all over the world. It is commonly known as the love city. Yes, it is true that this place will get to you with the first sight you take on it. However, from the above-listed places, you are sure to the full experience Paris have to offer and enjoy yourself although a trip with the family.

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