The most beautiful destinations in the world for a gastronomic journey

Published on : 26 May 20203 min reading time

Are you passionate about cooking and travelling? This year, why not opt for a gastronomic trip for the next holidays? Asia, Africa, America… there’s no shortage of destinations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are a few ideas of culinary destinations that will take you away from it all.

Discovering Peruvian cuisine

Discover Peruvian cuisine! This gastronomic trip to Peru will allow you to discover the country of the Incas in a different way. Peru is a country with many faces, very diverse both by its population and its geography. History has also put its mark on a cultural crossbreeding that cannot be ignored. Its “racial” influences play a predominant role in its gastronomy. Thus, the country is at the forefront of Latin American countries in terms of cuisine. From north to south, note that each region of Peru has its own cuisine. Here are some typical Peruvian dishes not to be missed :

  • Ceviche (raw fish cut into small cubes marinated in lemon juice, chilli pepper and onions.
  • Parihuela (fish and shellfish soup)
  • Causa rellena (mashed potatoes seasoned with chilli, stuffed with chicken, tuna or scampi.
  • Lomo Saltado (fillet of beef cut into small strips, sautéed with tomatoes, chilli pepper, onions and other spices.
  • Aji de gallina (chicken stew cooked with cheese and cream, peanuts and chilli.

Gastronomic trip to Japan

Japan is a unique country that really deserves to be visited at least once in its life. The destination is known not only for its temples, natural websites and beaches but also for its fine cuisine. Indeed, Japanese cuisine is one of the best in the world. Here are a few must-sees during your culinary getaway in Japan:

  • Sashimi (raw fish… with spicy condiments such as grated ginger or wasabi)
  • The nabe (set of vegetables, meat and seafood cooked in a pot)
  • Donburri (a rice dish with an egg, beef or chicken)
  • Tempura (small doughnuts… a real treat for the taste buds)

The gastronomy of Mexico

Mexico is without a doubt one of the destinations of choice for a culinary journey like no other. Mexican cuisine has a lot to offer. For your information, the traditional cuisine of Mexico is part of UNESCO’s intangible heritage. Are you tempted by adventure? Here are some of the most representative dishes of the country:

  • Huevos a la mexicana (Mexican-style eggs)… a must for the Mexican breakfast. They are wet eggs mixed with tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, and onion).
  • Pozole (a soup of large corn kernels, served with chicken or pork, to which salad leaves, chili powder, herbs, and small pieces of onion and radish are added)
  • Tacos (hot tortillas filled with fish, meat, with or without cheese. Among the best known, try “Al pastor”).

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